Key Personnel:
  • Mr. Richard McMillian, PE serves as the Project Engineer for specific projects and is responsible for overall project
    management and design including project planning, decisions regarding construction materials and equipment
    selection, scheduling and coordinating outside services, and preparation of construction contract documents and
    technical specifications. Richard has 37 years design and project management experience. During this time he has
    been in responsible charge of the planning and design of numerous successfully completed public infrastructure
    projects throughout Southwest Missouri. Richard is registered in the State of Missouri.
  • Mr. Thomas Hancock, PE serves as the Design Engineer for specific projects and assists the Project Engineer with
    project planning and detailed design. Thomas is responsible for coordinating all AutoCad work to ensure a smooth
    transition from field survey data to final design plans. He also performs much of the computer-aided design drafting and
    prepares any necessary legal descriptions required for easements or site acquisitions. Thomas has 17 years of
    computer aided design and analysis software experience and has been responsible for the preparation of detailed
    construction plans for numerous successfully completed public infrastructure projects throughout Southwest Missouri.
    Thomas is registered in the State of Missouri.
  • Richard’s and Thomas’ educational background and experience record are documented in their respective résumés
    linked herein. Both have spent nearly their entire professional careers working in Southwest Missouri.
  • Prior to forming White River Engineering, Inc. in May of 2004, Richard and Thomas worked for Hood-Rich, Inc., a local
    architectural and consulting engineering firm, for 25 and 10 years, respectively.
Our Philosophy/Management Style:
  • Our goal is to provide our clients with cost-effective, environmentally conscience solutions while developing meaningful
    and lasting relationships. We take pride in our integrity, moral values and ability to collaborate with our clients to provide
    quality, lasting work.
  • White River Engineering, Inc. is well aware of the need to design projects that are technically accurate, completed on
    time and within allocated budget. Our ability to accomplish these results is based on our approach to develop a project
    specific work plan outlining tasks, personnel requirements, allocated budget and completion schedule. Progress is
    then periodically reviewed and compared to the project work plan to determine current status with respect to tasks
    completed, allocated costs and completion schedule.
  • Our belief is that work should be done correctly the first time. This is achieved by focusing on preventing problems or
    errors rather than reacting to them. Our ability to achieve these results is due to all work being performed by the firm
    principals who are experienced, detail orientated design professionals. Completed tasks are immediately reviewed for
    accuracy and completeness with all decisions, assumptions, and recommendations fully documented.