• During their professional careers, Richard and Thomas have been involved in the design of many public works
    infrastructure projects and private developments throughout southwest Missouri.  Following are the names and phone
    numbers of various public officials and private individuals with whom both have worked for in the past and may be
    contacted for verification of our statements, abilities, and client satisfaction.

    Mr. Bill Knuckles, PE, Project Engineer
    Department of Public Works Clean Water Services
    P.O. Box 8368
    Springfield, MO 65801
    (417) 864-1931        
    Mr. Rusty Reed, Mayor or Ms. Myrna Eisenbraun, City Clerk
    P.O. Box 113
    Exeter, MO 65647
    (417) 835-2823
    Mr. Kevin Barnes, PE, Stormwater Engineer
    Greene County Resource Management Department  
    940 Boonville Avenue, Room 315
    Springfield, MO 65802
    (417) 868-4147

    Mr. Geoffrey Butler, AIA
    Butler Rosenbury and Partners
    319 North Main, Suite 200
    Springfield, MO 65806

Firm Contact Information:
  • For additional information pertaining to White River Engineering’s qualifications or to arrange for an interview, please
    contact the following:

    Mr. Richard McMillian, PE or Thomas Hancock, PE
    600 W. College Street, Suite 104
    Springfield, MO 65806
    Phone: (417) 862-3355
    Fax: (417) 862-7711