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White River Engineering, Inc. is a consulting engineering firm formed in 2004.  The firm principals, Mr. Richard McMillian, PE and Mr. Thomas E. Hancock, PE have over 70 years of combined civil engineering experience on public works infrastructure projects and have worked jointly on successfully completed projects for over two decades.

Since inception, White River Engineering, Inc. has been engaged in the design of several Municipal and Private Development Projects involving sanitary sewage conveyance and treatment, potable water distribution and storage facilities, residential streets, and stormwater management facilities. throughout southwest Missouri.

White River Engineering, Inc. utilizes a combination of engineering expertise and state-of-the-art computer aided design and analysis software to complete projects quickly and efficiently, translating to lower design fees while providing the client with the highest quality of service.

Engineering Services Offered

White River Engineering, Inc. offers civil engineering services for various types of public and private infrastructure projects including sidewalks, streets, site civil, stormwater management, wastewater collection and treatment, and potable water supply storage and distribution. Our services include engineering reports, facility planning and economic evaluations, grant application preparation, plans and specifications preparation, easement preparation, bidding, contract administration, construction staking, and construction observation.

Our roadway design services encompass all aspects of design, right-of-way, and construction document preparation for roadway and intersection geometrics, curb and gutters, stormwater conveyance, and sidewalk improvements. Roadway designs are typically performed in the AutoCad Civil 3D 2019 environment.  Interoperability standards support additional CAD platforms including Bentley Systems Micro Station.

We provide a full range of stormwater management services including bioretention and detention, culverts, erosion and sediment control, floodplain analysis and mapping, stormwater conveyance, stormwater treatment, and watershed modeling. We are experienced with a wide variety of Low Impact Development (LID) techniques and integrated management practices for developing green stormwater management solutions. Stormwater design and analysis are performed utilizing Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2018 (BOSS StormNET), HEC-RAS 4.1.0, Intelisolve Hydraflow, EPA SWMM and EPA SUSTAIN.

Our firm principals have completed numerous wastewater conveyance and treatment projects during their careers from initial conception through design, construction and initial operation. Our services include design of complete collection and treatment systems for un-sewered communities, wastewater treatment plant expansions, infiltration and Inflow (I & I) studies, operation and maintenance manual preparation, rehabilitation of existing sewer systems, and residential on-site treatment systems. Our wastewater treatment experience has included activated sludge treatment processes (oxidation ditches), nutrient (phosphorus) removal processes, and disinfection processes. Our experience has included many lift station designs, several of which incorporated surge tanks, odor control facilities and standby power systems. Lift station designs have ranged in size and complexity and include small duplex submersible grinder pump stations, duplex vacuum-primed wet-well mounted pump stations, and duplex and triplex submersible non-clog pump stations.

Potable water supply storage and distribution services include engineering reports, master planning, rate studies and water distribution system modeling. Design services include construction and permit document preparation for supply, distribution and storage systems. Bentley Systems WaterCad is utilized within the AutoCad Civil 3D environment for design and analysis.

White River Engineering, Inc. performs a variety of engineering studies and reports for planning, expansion and development. Our services include antidegradation studies, environmental assessments, facility planning and economic evaluations, floodplain mapping, infrastructure assessments and master planning.

White River Engineering’s familiarity with a wide range of Local, State, and Federal permitting processes gives us the ability to successfully coordinate with multiple Local, State, and Federal Agencies.  Many of our projects have required the use of multiple funding sources including various Department of Natural Resources Grant and Loan Programs, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, and USDA Rural Development funds.


Our goal is to provide our clients with cost-effective, environmentally conscience solutions while developing meaningful and lasting relationships. We take pride in our integrity, moral values and ability to collaborate with our clients to provide quality, lasting work.

White River Engineering, Inc. is well aware of the need to design projects that are technically accurate, completed on time and within allocated budget. Our ability to accomplish these results is based on our approach to develop a project specific work plan outlining tasks, personnel requirements, allocated budget and completion schedule. Progress is then periodically reviewed and compared to the project work plan to determine current status with respect to tasks completed, allocated costs and completion schedule.

Our belief is that work should be done correctly the first time. This is achieved by focusing on preventing problems or errors rather than reacting to them. Our ability to achieve these results is due to all work being performed by the firm principals who are experienced, detail orientated design professionals. Completed tasks are immediately reviewed for accuracy and completeness with all decisions, assumptions, and recommendations fully documented. 


Richard McMillian

Mr. Richard McMillian, PE serves as the Project Engineer for specific projects and is responsible for overall project management and design including project planning, decisions regarding construction materials and equipment selection, scheduling and coordinating outside services, and preparation of construction contract documents and technical specifications. Richard has 45 years design and project management experience. During this time he has been in responsible charge of the planning and design of numerous successfully completed public infrastructure projects throughout Southwest Missouri. Richard is registered in the State of Missouri.

Thomas Hancock

Mr. Thomas Hancock, PE serves as the Design Engineer for specific projects and assists the Project Engineer with project planning and detailed design. His responsibilities include overall project management and encompass all aspects of project planning, design and construction administration as well as setup, development and operation of computer processes and equipment for production of plans and administration of day-to-day business operations.  Thomas has 25 years of computer aided design and analysis software experience and has been responsible for the preparation of detailed construction plans for numerous successfully completed public infrastructure projects throughout Southwest Missouri. Thomas is registered in the State of Missouri.


Firm Information

Our office is located in downtown Springfield, Missouri. For additional information or to arrange for a consultation, please contact: 

White River Engineering, Inc.

600 West College Street, Ste 104, Springfield, Missouri 65806, United States

(417) 862-3355




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